We all have the sky in common. Clouds are images that are simple and universal, and signify hope and connectivity.  This mini-series of watercolors printed with messages in hot foil is available on Etsy & Instagram @theaquariushouse


In chalk pastel on paper, I create urban landscapes against tumultuous skies, depicting changing light and the ephemeral nature of attempting to capture a moment. 



The process of hand papermaking is fluid and imperfect, and in my process I use watermarking as a method to reveal and conceal text in narrative palimpsests. 


Through the Glass, Towards Me: A Distillation 

Time based ephemeral sculpture, video projection, sound installation, artist's book. Part of a body of work exploring Memento Mori, ornament and monument, and the corporeal experience of time. 


I believe in printing with vintage type, and celebrating the process and context of letterpress printing as an imperfect, handmade medium that allows a message to  be seen, felt, and experienced. 


Interdisciplinary sculptural work connected to an exploration of my series Ornament/Monument, marrying interests in drawing, artists books, and site specificity. 


Printmaking works on paper founded in traditional practices of intaglio, relief, serigraph, and stone lithography.

©2019 by Elizabeth Isakson-Dado.